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The sudden and slightly disturbing attack of the ear by new sounds is apt to wear for the child’s consciousness a game-like aspect. Yet, in speaking of the entertaining aspects of the social spectacle, one need not confine oneself to the fashionable scene. I had lately applications to receive three patients of the latter description, […]


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Of course, these professions, made only to please, go for nothing in practice. In the attacks of derision, at least, a back-handed blow may often hurt more than one straight from the shoulder. Following the grammar are the “Texts,” a remarkable series of native songs in the alleged Taensa tongue, with a French translation, accompanied […]


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He was a respectable tradesman. It must be borne in mind that this was not quite as absurd a practice as it may seem to us in modern times, for under the feudal system the dispensing of justice was one of the most highly prized attributes of sovereignty; and, except in England, where the royal […]


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The blush of the refined hearer attests this feeling of shame. Yet the whole was fictitious, your cynic philosophers will say. They are a kind of Ishmaelites, whose hand is _against_ others—what or who they are for (except themselves) I do not know. Thus Darwin showed the greater immutability of generic characters over later acquired […]


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But the effect of the expression of Painting arises always from the thought of something which, though distinctly and clearly suggested by the drawing and colouring of the picture, is altogether different from that drawing and colouring. It is granted that a certain thing, in itself highly useful, does not afford as much pleasure to […]


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We have done those things that we ought not to have done and we have left undone those things that we ought to have done; and we are all miserable sinners. In Mexican, _notepotzco_ is “behind me,” literally, “my back, at;” this corresponds again to the Cakchiquel _chuih_, behind me, from _chi_, at, _u_, my, […]


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Symbololatry is a common trait of humanity, and few men analyse the symbols they worship; for this reason it is necessary that the ideals and symbols of “the good” should be forged by the few and the wise, not by the force of the greatest number, that is, they must come from above, not from […]


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Persuasive essay organizer 100 readwritethink. This is a striking lesson how independent of environment are the essential characteristics of a race, and it is a sweeping refutation of those theories which make such characteristics dependent upon external agencies. A case related by C?sarius of Heisterbach as a most edifying example illustrates the curious nature of […]


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Suspense, where the mind is engrossed with one idea, and kept from amusing itself with any other, is not only the most uncomfortable, but the most tiresome of all things. He walks through his library; he walks through his town. Dr. Mary. According to his results the order of decreasing sensibility is as follows: (1) […]


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essay my favourite game an download write. In the last example _mia_ is the future of the verb _imia_, to go, and is used as an auxiliary. of Bearn about the year 1100. I do not ask you to accept this opinion either; but I do ask that you rid your minds of bias, and […]