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The following story may serve as an example. Here it may settle its methods for itself, but in its earlier work when it deals with pupils, it has the teacher to reckon with. The combat was long and desperate, but at length the appellant literally tore out the heart of his antagonist.[776] Such incidents among […]


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essay usf 2013. Amidst the respectful admiration of his followers and disciples, amidst the universal applause of the public, after the oracle, which probably had followed the voice of that applause, had pronounced him the wisest of men, the great wisdom of Socrates, though it did not suffer him to fancy himself a god, yet […]


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The plaintiff and defendant, after appropriate religious ceremonies and preparation, stood with uplifted arms before a cross, while divine service was performed, victory being adjudged to the one who was able longest to maintain his position. This idea is evidently not contained in any of the parts separately, nor is it contained in all of […]


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After two days we call up and tell her we are very sorry we have been unable to trace the card. As hinted above, it has a social significance, and we shall find that the higher stages of its evolution can only be adequately dealt with in their connection with the movement of social progress. […]


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In accordance with these derivations the name is translated “an opossum hunter.” Such a name bears little meaning in this relation; little relevancy to the nature and functions of deity; and if a more appropriate and not less plausible composition could be suggested, it would have intrinsic claims for adoption. Foreign war and civil faction […]


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When we have dined, we order the covers to be removed; and we should treat in the same manner the objects of the most ardent and passionate desires, if they were the objects of no other passions but those which take their origin from the body. Thus, in 1101, we find two bishops endeavoring to […]


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They have more intercourse with one another, than with the members of any other tribe. Jourdain is an example. Even the mob are enraged to see any man submit patiently to affronts and ill usage. Listen now to that of a public librarian, Mr. He discourages no person nor any class of persons. On the […]


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The most vulgar education teaches us to act, upon all important occasions, with some sort of impartiality between ourselves and others, and even the ordinary commerce of the world is capable of adjusting our active principles to some degree of propriety. It will readily be seen that where a figure represents a number of homophonous […]