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Everybody wanted to take part in the opening exercises and nearly everybody did. That judges with more Midas ears, blind and sordid, without discrimination of right and wrong? Beginning with the “objective” characteristics, those which reside in the tickling experience itself, we may observe how much apprehension of meaning has to do with the “funniness” […]


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A brilliant master of technique, he was not, in this profound sense, an artist. The situation would seem to offer room for some of those modes of transforming the aspects of things which we have found to be excitants of laughter. Yet the quaint look of such a suggestion reminds one that the idea of […]


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Of all writers Landa comes the nearest telling us how the Mayas used their system of writing; but, unfortunately, he also is so superficial and obscure that his words have given rise to very erroneous theories. That the warriors of the Azteca, on leaving Tula, scattered over Mexico, Yucatan and Central America, is directly contrary […]


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It is not always realized that the character of the book-collection in a branch library is influenced by the mere fact that it is a branch, apart from considerations of size, circulation and character of readers. He should have the complete command, not only over his countenance, but over his limbs and motions. “You can’t […]


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We enter the enchanter’s cell, and converse with the divine inhabitant. Yet it is an error to suppose that a tendency to laugh on a solemn occasion shows want of genuine emotion. As long as they how to start an essay on educational goals do not allow themselves to be transported to do anything contrary […]


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It is unlucky that we sometimes remember the heroic sentiments, the profound discoveries, the witty repartees we have uttered in our sleep. The flood-like rise of the happy mood which is to produce laughter must not be accompanied by any further demand on the attention. Till wanton grown with Arbitrary Sway Depos’d by you They […]


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The situations in which the gentle virtue of humanity can be most happily cultivated, are by no means the same with those which are best fitted for forming the austere virtue of self-command. I mention all these matters, to show that such are exactly, in their incipient form, the cases which require the most delicate, […]


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The sudden glee which starts the laugh starts also movements of arm, leg and trunk, so that arms flap wing-like, or meet in the joyous clap, and the whole body jumps. We older folk have, for the greater part, lost the capacity of simply greeting delightful things in this way, a greeting in which there […]


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Column layout thesis 3. It was explained that no new method of making promotions was contemplated, and that personality and efficiency would be taken into account neither more nor less than before, but that the reports from which the librarian derived his information on these points would be required in writing, thus safeguarding both the […]