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We may go further and say that the whole difference between a library and a museum is a physical difference rather than one of either object or method. The difference of termination in the noun adjective is accompanied with no sort of difference in the meaning. It was nature, but nature that had nothing to […]


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The babble of the second and third months, which is made up of a reiteration of many vocal and consonantal sounds, may prepare for laughter, as it certainly does for speech. As all the same relations which subsist between single, may likewise subsist between numerous objects, it is evident there would be occasion for the […]


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_Hun tzem_, a measure from the ground to a line drawn from one mamma to the other. Whatever else it may undertake, we may be sure that this will continue to be its chief reason for existence, and that its other activities, if such there be, will grow out of this and group themselves around […]


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This instrument has an inherent quality of excellence with a potentiality of exactness that may be developed in a great variety of directions. I inquired particularly if there are any remnants of the curious adoration of the sacred twelve stones, described by Zeisberger a century and a quarter ago. The librarian should say: Here is […]


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He deserveth it as well as Peacham did”—Peacham being an unfortunate parson in whose desk was found a MS. Irrelevances in conversation and discussion, such as _mal a propos_, mistakings of the issue, unfortunate suggestions of reasons, and the like, are among the recognised tributaries of the river of laughter. He entered the lists like […]


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Making faces, pouting lips and the rest become playful just because they are felt to be improper, the sort of thing one only does in a disorderly moment, playful or other. Amidst great provocations, apparent tranquillity and good humour may sometimes conceal the most determined and cruel resolution to revenge. When the royal philosopher of […]


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The collection and arrangement need take none of the busy librarian’s time, for there is always someone in the town whose interest and labor can be enlisted. You would hardly trust yourself in a room with them. But such statistics are too elaborate to collect regularly, so that the ordinary library leaves this subject in […]


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Whether we are to be drowned, or to come to a harbour, is the business of Jupiter, not mine. As hinted in the preceding chapter, we may easily exaggerate the more serious function of laughter, and this point will be made clearer in subsequent chapters. * * * This asymmetry of Mitla is not accidental, […]